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Offering top-rated sessions and photography services to the Chicago area, Astrapia Photography has the skills and expertise to amaze and surpass expectations.


Astrapia (pronounced “As-trap-pia”) is a rare and exotic species of birds endemic to the island of New Guinea, called the Birds of Paradise. As they mature and display their beauty, their plumage and tails transform to an iridescent, exquisite and breath-taking appearance.

Similarly, skilled photography is transformational. Through technique, expression, composition, environment and light, our expertise creates images that are rare, exquisite, and capture the display and emotion of a unique moment in time. At Astrapia, that transformation is our skill and passion.

Two colorful birds dancing in the wilderness

What Sets Us Apart

Your Experience

You should enjoy every minute of your day, so my team’s goal is to eliminate stress on your part, allow margin for creativity and spontaneity, and be attentive to every detail. We plan and prepare completely, listen, and understand your expectations. We limit our wedding assignments to devote time to you. Your wedding is not about our time, it’s about yours.

Our Expertise

The gifted wedding photographer is part photojournalist, artist, and highly sensitive to emphasizing beauty, capturing spontaneous emotions and body language. Every wedding has some “staged” photos. It’s the magic created in recognizing spontaneous and unscripted expressions that defines masterful wedding photography. My team and I have the skills and expertise to amaze and surpass expectations.

About Armen

Armen literally grew up with photography; his family home was above his father’s studio. From a very young age, he began to develop his technical skills in the darkroom, and by the time he was 17, he had photographed his first wedding. He immigrated to the United States in 2000, is now a proud US citizen, and an avid Chicago Bulls fan. His father never insisted that Armen pursue a career in photography, but rather encouraged him to pick a vocation and be the best he could be. With that approach, his father said, everything else would fall into place and success would follow.

Now, with more than two decades of experience, Armen has honed his skills in hundreds of weddings, of all styles and sizes, in churches, castles, estates and landmark buildings.

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Armen - Founder of Astrapia Photography

Armen Khodaverdian

My Approach

My passion is to see the beauty in everyone, and emphasize beauty and expression with exquisite photography, close attention to detail, sensitivity to family preferences and a keen desire for the bride and groom to enjoy their day in every way.

My skills have been developed through more than two decades of experience in hundreds of weddings from Chicago, to Scottsdale and Salzburg, Austria. I promise to tell your story through beauty, emotion, and relationships, capturing the magic and unique memories of your special day. I am a full-time wedding specialist and limit my assignments to achieve amazing results for my clients.

Astrapia Experience

Capturing your most joyous day on is undeniably the most exhilarating experience for us at Astrapia Photography. We know how incredibly special your wedding day is to you, and that’s why our professional team of experienced photographers looks to obtain memories that will be treasured for generations. Our tailored approach allows us the opportunity to provide beautiful, creative and natural looking images that differentiate us from many others in the industry.

We put you first in everything we do. Our goal is to blend in amongst the crowd while capturing shots that are designed to stand out and be remembered. We combine photojournalism with modern wedding portraiture. All of our photographs are composed and created based on angle, direction and light conditions in the moment. You will find drama and expressions in each one of them.

Years of experience enables us to maximize on what is available at the time, transforming ordinary backgrounds and conditions to astonishing photographs. Our clients are continually amazed by the way we take ordinary shots and turn them into something extraordinary due to our knowledge of lighting and modern shooting technics. We also have a keen awareness to the details. Every single detail, big or small, matters in the work we provide you.

Astrapia’s Modern Photography team is here to support you every step of the way. We strive to provide impeccable service, ensuring that your entire experience is just as spectacular as your wedding photographs. We are available to photograph weddings in the Chicago-land area and all around the world. Contact us to learn how Astrapia Photography can provide you with best-in-class photography.


Each year, we accept only a small number of collections in order to maintain the level of quality that our clients expect. Our wedding packages start at $4490. If you truly are drawn to our style and we are within your budget, we would love to meet you, discuss your wedding plans and answer your questions and creating something unique and amazing for you on your wedding day.

We are based in Chicago but will happily travel around the country and the world. Please contact us for details and availability. We can also build in additional features not seen here, addressing your desires and needs.

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We offer several different wedding collections, customized to your needs, budget and preferences. ALL of our collections include the following:

  • A full day of photography with a team of professionals, with no time limit or extra charges. This includes pre-ceremony preparations, ceremony, post-ceremony, and reception.
  • A 10 X 14 handcrafted wedding album with professionally enhanced photographs of your choice.
  • An online gallery of photo proofs for your selection.
  • Photos created and ready for social media posting.
  • A custom flash drive.
  • Printing rights to high resolution photographs.



We maintain relationships with “best of the best” partners in the US and Europe in order to provide handcrafted albums, and the latest in high- definition printing technology. We develop custom portfolios for family, individual prints, social media packages, flash drives, and photos on canvas, acrylic glass, and metal for framing.

Professional product photography by Astrapia Photography
Professional product photography by Astrapia Photography

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